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Oven Repair

From built-in ovens to microwaves and ranges, we can repair all types of ovens. Call us if you need oven repair in Ottawa urgently. Problems related to ovens won’t only compromise your convenience but often your safety too. Improper installations, worn wires, and complications with gas ovens may lead to trouble. At Appliance Repair Ottawa, we handle any oven problem quickly. Our experts also fix stoves. Contact us for both repair & installation services to have peace of mind.

We are stove & oven repair specOven Repair Ottawaialists

Our kitchen appliance technicians have expertise in all ovens. We service them all irrespective of their type or model. So, get in touch with us if you need:

  • Gas oven repair in Ottawa, Ontario. Gas appliances are often complex. They must be connected with the gas line correctly or they might emit gas. Any problem with the oven might also lead to gas emissions. And you won’t be able to use the oven to bake food. Call us if you have issues. Our expert will take care of any problem and replace the worn parts.

Since it takes experience to service gas ovens, you should also call us for gas oven installation. With the work of our techs, you will feel safe to use the new oven.

  • Electric oven repair. If you can’t use the appliance or it hardly bakes right, give us a call. Burned out and worn parts will create trouble. We service and also install electric ovens of all types.
  • Range repair. Apart from fixing double or single built-in ovens, we also service ranges. Our techs can replace the damaged parts and fix both electric and gas ranges.
  • Stove repair services are often needed when the range is not working right. Since range problems might be related to either stoves or ovens, rely on the skills of our techs to fix them both.
  • Microwave oven repair. We are also available to fix the small oven in your kitchen. If it stops functioning right, contact our experts. We repair microwaves of all types.

From Ottawa oven repair services to new stove or range installation, our company can help you with any matter. Give us a call today.

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